An excellent value, this kit sets you up for most everything you need to paint it beautiful!

For a smooth finish, a microfiber roller is your best friend!


  • 1 X 180 grit Reusable Sanding Pad
  • 1 X 220 grit Reusable Sanding Pad
  • 1 Roller with frame with microfiber roller
  • 1 Microfiber Roller Refill
  • 1 X 1 inch synthetic brush
  • 6 Cloths for wiping on Tough Coat or Hemp Oil
  • 1 Tip Guide with Pro Tips on How to Prep & Apply for best results 



Use a small amount of paint on your roller for a flawless finish. Microfiber rollers have a soft end so that you don’t see the roller marks. If you use foam or other rollers, you will most likely see the roller marks.

TIP- Less is more!
Dip the roller into the tray and roll the excess paint off using the grid. Don’t use too much paint and don’t apply too much pressure on the roller because this will result in roller marks, or an orange peel effect if there is too much paint on the roller. 

Don’t go back and forth too much when the paint is drying. Roll in one direction, following the woodgrain, so you get an evenly painted surface. When you have finished one coat you can put the roller into an air tight plastic bag to save it from drying out. This way you don’t always have to rinse out your roller when using the same color on subsequent coats. For the ultimate smooth finish, glide the Ultimate ONE Flat #10 across a still-wet surface to smooth out any remaining texture in the paint.

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