Our Mystery Packs are a fun way to try out new colors and spark your creativity, all for a discounted price!

It can be tough to get a true idea of a color from a swatch on a computer screen.  Our Mystery Packs are the perfect way to fully explore new shades--you just may find your new favorite or go-to color!

We'll ship a box full of fun right to your front door, all you have to do is pick which color to try first.  For even more fun, grab a friend and another Mystery Pack, then meet up for a "color-swap" party!

Each box will contain 6 different colored testers (1.25 fluid ounces each) of Fusion Mineral Paint, with 10% off our regular retail price.

Special Terms for Mystery Packs

  • The colors for your pack will be chosen by the Lost & Found Team. We cannot guarantee any specific color will arrive in your box.
  • Additional discounts (discount codes or Perk Points Rewards) will not apply to Mystery Pack purchases in your cart, since they are already discounted.
  • Products purchased in a Mystery Pack are not eligible for returns or exchanges.  All Mystery Pack sales are final.
  • A limited number of Mystery Pack will be made available each month. Once those are sold, additional Mystery Pack will not be available until the following month.