Which Paint is Right for Your Project?

Melanie Alexander

Here at Lost & Found I offer two fantastic paint lines that are formulated just for furniture--Fusion Mineral Paint and Jolie Chalk Paint

One of the questions I get most from customers is, "Which paint is your favorite?"

And I truly don't have an answer! I love both of the paint lines we sell and use them both for a variety of projects.

Each paint line, Fusion and Jolie, has its own unique strength. So picking which paint I use really depends on the project and the look I want to get.

Let me share a bit more about each paint line and when it might be the right fit for your project.

Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is an acrylic paint that requires minimal prep and no topcoat. Because it's an acrylic paint, it does well in high-traffic areas and also wet areas, like kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Fusion excels at creating a sleek, smooth finish. It's a great paint to use for modern style furniture, like this mid-century Lane dresser that I painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black.  

Fusion does require a bit more prep work than chalk paint does, but it's still very diy-friendly. And with virtually no odor, it's safe to use indoors.

When I use Fusion Mineral Paint

  • For pieces where I want a smooth, sleek finish
  • On cabinetry and in other areas that may get wet (like a front door)
  • When I don't want to have to worry about adding a wax topcoat
  • When I have the time to do a bit more prep work on the front end

I do recommend purchasing a good brush to use for your Fusion projects, as well as making sure you understand the proper prep for the type of piece your painting. 

All in all, Fusion Mineral Paint is a fantastic paint and by far our top seller!

Now let's take a minute and talk about Jolie.

Jolie Chalk Paint

Jolie is a true chalk-type paint that will stick to just about anything with little to no prep. Generally with Jolie, I clean a piece with my trusty degreaser, but skip the sanding step, which saves me time when I am painting large pieces that I want to quickly finish.

Jolie dries quickly, with each coat dry in about 20-30 minutes. It does paint on a little thicker, but I have found that it's still very easy to get a smooth finish with even the most inexpensive brush. 

It is also very easy to distress and layer for a more antique or old-world look. 

Unlike Fusion, Jolie does require a topcoat, and you can use any of their waxes or the Jolie Varnish for a harder topcoat option. 

I like using Jolie when I know I will want to add some depth to the finish with a tinted wax, like when I painted this French Armoire in Misty Cove with Black Wax

When I Use Jolie

  • When I want to skip sanding prep on a large piece
  • When I want to add an antiqued finish with a darker wax
  • For craft projects that I want to dry quickly
  • For other quick turnaround makeovers that I want to finish in a day

Fusion and Jolie paint very differently from each other, and ultimately I always recommend my customers try some of each!

Which one you choose can come down to simply personal preference and painting style! Or just wanting to use a specific color offered in one line but not in the other.

But I hope I have been able to give you a few things to think through today when you are picking out paint for your next project.

Happy Painting!