Which Paint is Right for Your Project?

Melanie Alexander

One of the questions I get most from customers is, "Which paint is your favorite?"

With a variety of paints on the market, there are a lot of options to choose from. 

What makes Fusion Mineral Paint though my go-to paint? Read on to see just how amazing this little jar of color is!


Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is an acrylic paint that requires minimal prep and no topcoat. Because it's an acrylic paint, it does well in high-traffic areas and also wet areas, like kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Fusion excels at creating a sleek, smooth finish. It's a great paint to use for modern style furniture, like this mid-century Lane dresser that I painted in Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black.  

Fusion does require a bit more prep work than chalk paint does, but it's still very diy-friendly. And with virtually no odor, it's safe to use indoors.

When I use Fusion Mineral Paint

  • For pieces where I want a smooth, sleek finish
  • On cabinetry and in other areas that may get wet (like a front door)
  • When I don't want to have to worry about adding a wax topcoat
  • When I have the time to do a bit more prep work on the front end

I do recommend purchasing a good brush to use for your Fusion projects, as well as making sure you understand the proper prep for the type of piece your painting. 

All in all, Fusion Mineral Paint is a fantastic paint!

What if I'm Used to Chalk Paint?

Fusion Mineral Paint is not a chalk paint, so there will be a bit of an adjustment if you're switching over. 

One of the things I tell customers who are used to chalk paint is to use much less paint on their brush with Fusion.

Fusion looks best painted in light, thin coats.

If you like the dark wax or distressed look you can get with chalk paint, don't worry! You can do those looks as well with Fusion :)

For easy distressing, try a wet-distressing technique where you dip one of our sanding pads in water and gently rub along the edges and details. It will create an authentic and subtle distressed look!

You can also use any of our tinted waxes or Antiquing Glaze over Fusion to create a rich finish. 

If you're an avid chalk paint user, I think you will enjoy the choice you get with Fusion--to topcoat if you want, but to skip that step also! If you hate waxing chalk paint, you will love being able to use Fusion as a 1-step paint.

I hope this has helped you learn more about this amazing product!

Happy Painting!