This product is sold as a "download". 

After you complete your purchase, you'll need to:

1) Download the guide

2) Follow the online workshop link found in the guide

3) Enter the password found in the guide

4) Start learning!


You can now follow along from the comfort of your home while we talk from start to finish about the fundamentals of using this beautiful paint. 



Our online workshops can be enjoyed in any country, but please note the extra workshop kit is only available for US shipping. If you purchase a workshop kit and enter a shipping address outside of the US, your workshop kit will be cancelled and the cost refunded.



  • What makes this paint different from other DIY paints
  • What you need to do (or not do) to prep your piece
  • How to properly apply the paint 
  • How to create 3 advanced technical finishes
  • What topcoats you can use (and if you need them at all)

Videos are broken into sections to make your learning simple and easy to follow. Total time of all the videos together is approximately 1hr 15mins. 

Plus other tips, tricks, and helpful info to help YOU start creating your own conversation pieces at home. 

Having one place to find the answers to your questions is invaluable.

I tried to answer all of the most common questions people have about using Fusion throughout the videos, so you can be clear and confident when you start your next piece. 

I hear this so often - "If I could just see a video of how you do it, I could make sure I'm doing it right."

That's what I strived to achieve.

In these workshops, you’ll get an up-close
video demonstration of how to apply the paint as well as the topcoats, so you can see exactly how I do it. 

Well...what do you think? Are you ready to start?! 

Let’s paint together 😃 


Option to add a Fusion “Starter Pack” which includes:

  • Testers of Homestead Blue, Sterling, Ash, and Champlain
  • Fusion Tough Coat
  • Antiquing Glaze
  • Espresso Wax
  • Beeswax Finish
  • Beeswax Distressing Block
  • Sample Boards
  • 2 Brushes

Cost is an additional $99 + Free Shipping ($109 total)
20% savings over the regular cost

*Starter Packs may only be purchased along with online workshops. Limited quantities available. More will be added as soon as we are able.