Buffalo Check is all about creating a farmhouse, cozy-cabin feel. Now it's easy to apply this timeless iconic pattern to any surface that accepts paint! Furniture, wood, fabric... the options are limitless.

This is a very robust, hard-working stencil with lots of detail. It's never been easier to create this intricate, eye-catching pattern!

Includes one 10" x 14" stencil

If you purchase ONLY this stencil, your actual shipping cost will be lower than what automatically calculates at checkout. The difference will be refunded you after we process your shipment :)

Application Tips:

  1. Start in the middle of your project, working out.
  2. To continue the pattern, overlap the last row of squares to expand in all four directions.
  3. Start stenciling inside the large squares first, then once brush is drier, gently swipe in the direction of the small lines.